Dig In Magazine was founded in January 2010 by Cindy Maram, an Interactive Media Developer and writer/editor who grew up in Los Angeles, CA and now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because of her lifelong interest in Hollywood and film culture, as well as being in the hub of the San Francisco Bay Area’s music and art world, Dig In was created as a vehicle to express and share the world of film, music, art, design, fashion and culture with readers. The contributors of Dig In come from multi-cultural backgrounds and express their various outlooks through lenses that are sensitive to minorities and cultures around the world. Dig In covers events and happenings around the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and beyond. Through photography, film, interviews and articles, Dig In is committed to bringing you the freshest, most cutting edge images and information from around the globe. We hope you enjoy a glimpse into the world of Dig In culture. So go ahead, DIG IN!!!

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