Swedish Film “Flicker” Comes to the 35th Mill Valley Film Festival

 Article by Arthur Walsh
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Sweden 2012 | 99 Minutes

What better way to understand the blanket monotony of our lives than to look at it through the eyes of another culture?  Lets wisk ourselves away to Sweden and go back in time two years.  We just landed under a desk in time to witness a bullied middle manager lose his report in a computer crash the night before he is to present to the big wigs.

Flicker | Sweden | 35th Mill Valley Film Festival

Flicker | Sweden | 35th Mill Valley Film Festival

The setting is an Electric company in the small town of Backberga, with major financial problems.  The situation goes from bad to worse when a massive power out plunges the city into darkness.  As the post black out era proves to be nothing short of disastrous the characters react in a way eerily reminiscent to situations we face when the companies of our employment face financial hardship. There’s the boss who dreams a superhero will save the company; the lonely hearted janitor with a paralyzing fear of spiders, and a middle manager with full understanding of the situation, but unable to communicate with his superiors.

Flicker really captures the grind that makes up modern corporate life. Director/Screenwriter Patrick Eklund portrays this story with such clarity its as if he is telling this story from behind the tears of someone who has suffered this lonely existence for years.

Director: Patrik Eklund
Starring: Kjell Bergqvist, Allan Svensson, Anki Larsson


Monday, October 8, 3:15 PM
Rafael 2

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