Citizen Garcia and Identity Shift: From San Francisco to New York

Citizen Garcia May14-June11th

Citizen Garcia May14-June11th

Citizen Garcia: Driftwood Art Salon-San Francisco, California

Bay Area native and abstract expressionist artist, Carly Ivan Garcia, will have his very first solo show, Citizen Garcia, in San Francisco, California this Saturday, May 14th, 2011. Garcia will be displaying large-scale works of art at the up and coming, and beautiful, cutting-edge gallery Driftwood Art Salon: “[Garcia’s] unique brand of nonconformist art has been gaining national attention while landing him new collectors across the country, particularly during “New York’s Armory week” and at “Art Basel Miami Beach.” He’s been featured in all the top art publications including Juxtapoz Magazine, Warholian, and Dig In Mag, and has even landed ten paintings as the main focal point of the new Hollywood film starring Ed Harris, Touching Home.”

Come out to Driftwood Art Salon to see Citizen Garcia’s moving and colorful paintings this Saturday, May 14th from 6-11PM at 39 Isis Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 [near 12th & Folsom.] The show runs from May 14th to June 11th, 2011.

Identity Shift: Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art

Identity Shift: Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art

Identity Shift: Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art-Brooklyn, New York

And May 13th to June 13th, 2011 Carly Ivan Garcia will be a featured artist at Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art in New York. The show is appropriately titled “Identity Shift: a show about Migration, Identity & Belonging.” The concept of migration will be conveyed through the artwork of the various artists featured. FA gallery explains that “The migration can be a physical move or mind scape move. The show will include subjects such as belonging, longing
 and identity, as well as touch on’duality of migration’, leaving an ‘unnameable terrain
between our memories’, speaking of having to constantly migrate between the reality
 of the daily grind of…life to one created in [one’s] mind and art. 
So much of who we are is defined by where we’re from
 and how we process that change.”

Come see the migration and identity themed works of Carly Ivan Garcia and other emerging artists on the New York art scene on May 13th from 6-9PM at 54 Second Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11215; Phone: 718.788.3930.

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