Art that Speaks & Moves: The RAW Art Exhibit

RAW Art Exhibit : May 6th, 2011

RAW Art Exhibit : May 6th, 2011

RAW Art Exhibit Wall : May 6th, 2011

RAW Art Exhibit Wall : May 6th, 2011

Bay area, are you ready to get RAW?!!!

On this Friday, May 6th, 2011, neo-expressionist artist and curator, Carly Ivan Garcia returns to bring us yet another one of his groundbreaking shows with avant garde artists from the east to the west coast. C.I.G. brings together, for the first time in 2011, a group of cutting edge, contemporary artists that have never shown together before. Known for its diversity, Oakland and the RAW Art Exhibit will showcase artists of various cultures and ethnicities. RAW featured artists include the East Coast’s finest artists, such as Brian Leo, Greg Haberny, and Greg Gossel, as well as the Bay Area’s very own Carly Ivan Garcia, who has had solo exhibitions throughout the nation. The artwork featured at the RAW Art Exhibit is not only visually stimulating, but possesses a strong voice, often moving observers to question the political and cultural ideology of today’s turbulent times.

Our RAW wall will be covered with artwork from prominent street artists, such as Obey Giant’s Shepard Fairey, best known for his creation of the Obama HOPE posters, Hugh Leeman and many others.

RAW will also feature artwork by Amanda Padilla, Ali Garcia, Eve Skylar, Lyrica Glory, and Rachel Monosov to just name a few.

Come join us on this Friday, May 6th, 2011 from 6-10 PM at The Uptown in Oakland, CA [500 William St., Oakland (on the corner of 20th St. and Telegraph Ave).] for RAW!

Sponsors include CIG, The Uptown, Tinca Art, Dig In Magazine, Pigment, Warholian, Spoke Art, and Smart Energy.

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