UNSPOKEN Doc Pushes Dialogue of Acceptance, Love & Hope

07 Nov, 2017

‘UNSPOKEN’ documentary film made it’s world premiere at the 40th Mill Valley Film Festival on October 12, 2017. We caught up with the movie’s directors, co-director Emma Zurcher-Long, who is also the subject of the film, Geneva Peschka (co-director and producer) and Julia Ngeow (co-director and cinematographer) following the premiere at CineArts Sequoia Theater in Mill Valley, California. ‘UNSPOKEN’ visually tells the story of 14-year-old Emma, who expresses herself and enriches our understanding of being human one keystroke at a time. The touching story breaks preconceived ideas of autism and the fear surrounding it.  When asked what ‘UNSPOKEN’ is about, Emma explained:

“‘UNSPOKEN’ is about me. A teen, often misunderstood. And tells a story of love and acceptance that fosters hope and happiness to all involved.”

Watch our exclusive interview with the directors of ‘UNSPOKEN’ to learn more:

Producer and co-director Geneva Peschka shares that their goal in making and sharing the film “is to open as many minds as we can with Emma’s story as this film is a great reminder that things aren’t always as they seem and that we can learn so much by setting aside fear, judgement and remembering the importance of humanity.”

Watch the official ‘Unspoken’ Documentary trailer:

‘UNSPOKEN’ Documentary – TRAILER from Geneva Peschka on Vimeo.

Co-director and cinematographer, Julia Ngeow spoke of the filmmaking process explaining that over a three year period, they as filmmakers, “always had to be ready at any point in time” to capture important moments. As a collaborative self-portrait, Emma, alongside filmmakers Peschka and Ngeow, gives the audience a peek into her world as she challenges societal judgements surrounding autism.

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