MVFF40: Greta Gerwig LADY BIRD Interview [VIDEO/REVIEW]

24 Oct, 2017

Closing Night of the 40th Mill Valley Film Festival featured a Spotlight on Greta Gerwig [FRANCES HA (2012), MISTRESS AMERICA (2015), JACKIE (2016), 20TH CENTURY WOMEN (2016)] in which she received the MVFF Award. Gerwig makes her solo directorial debut with LADY BIRD, a love story to Sacramento, where she grew up.

40th Mill Valley Film Festival | Spotlight on Greta Gerwig | Gerwig accepts MVFF Award

40th Mill Valley Film Festival Spotlight on Greta Gerwig | Gerwig accepts MVFF Award
Photo by Cindy Maram/Dig In Magazine

The film stars a young and talented all star cast including Lucas Hedges [MANCHESTER BY THE SEA (2016)], who was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year, and Saoirse Ronan [BROOKLYN (2015), ATONEMENT (2007), HANNA (2011), THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (2014)] in the lead role, who is described by the director in a recent interview with Dig In Magazine’s Cindy Maram, as “a complete genius”. Ronan plays the rebellious teen Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson, who is navigating the excitement and challenges of attending a Catholic high school, budding relationships and judgmental parents.

Watch Greta Gerwig discuss LADY BIRD:

Every woman, who as a teen wanted to escape parental criticisms and control, can relate to Gerwig’s picture. ‘Lady Bird’s’ only hope is to get out of Sacramento, a town that no one really knows much about, and move away to college—much to the chagrin of her mother who desires for her to stay close to home. Gerwig has always possessed excellent comic timing in her movie roles and this translates into her character’s delivery of one liners in this new film, which has audiences feeling good, smiling and giggling. LADY BIRD is a teen angst film that strikes a cord with all who have experienced the emotional ups and downs of teenage dating, frustrations with one’s parents, which include frustrating parental guilt trips and disapproval of everything from a daughter’s choice of boyfriends to universities. Audiences can relate to the character’s feelings of liberation and freedom as a result of moving away from a quiet town to an out-of-town college with wild parties complete with drinking and insignificant hook-ups. The film ends with the touching realization by ‘Lady Bird’ that her mother loves her dearly, thinks the world of her and actually wants the very best for her life and future. Gerwig does a stand out initial directorial job with LADY BIRD, a movie that captures the hearts of audiences stirring up fond memories youth.

LADY BIRD won the 40th Mill Valley Film Festival Audience Favorite – US Cinema — Silver Award. See Greta Gerwig’s LADY BIRD in theaters November 3rd.

Interview and video produced by Cindy Maram, Editor-in-Chief of Dig In Magazine
Videography and featured photo by Ed Troxell

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