Cannes REVIEW: THE BEGUILED | Best Director Sofia Coppola

26 Jun, 2017

THE BEGUILED (2017), the newest film from director Sofia Coppola (MARIE ANTOINETTE (2006), LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003), THE VIRGIN SUICIDES (1999)) and based on a novel by Thomas Cullinan, was recently honored at the 70th Cannes Film Festival in the South of France (May 17 – 28, 2017). Coppola was recognized as Best Director for her film starring Nicole Kidman (THE HOURS (2002), MOULIN ROUGE! (2001), THE OTHERS (2001)), Elle Fanning (THE NEON DEMON (2016), 20TH CENTURY WOMEN (2016), MALEFICENT (2014)), Kirsten Dunst (HIDDEN FIGURES (2016), SPIDERMAN (2002-2007), MARIE ANTOINETTE (2006)) and Colin Farrell (THE LOBSTER (2015), TOTAL RECALL (2012), MIAMI VICE (2006)). A dramatic story with a scenario that I found somewhat amusing and humorous at times, was filled with sexual tension, irony and women vying for the attention of one Union soldier, who is taken in by a group of women from an all girls school in Virginia during the Civil War period. Sheltered from the outside world during wartime, the ladies use all they can—their charm, attractiveness and manipulative techniques— to win the attention, sex and love of the only man in their presence, played by Farrell. With a twist that leaves audiences gasping for their breath near the film’s end, Coppola’s story takes an unexpected turn, which may leave some simultaneously tickled, shocked and even sick to their stomachs at times due to the horrid situation that erupts. Dynamite actresses Nicole Kidman, who had four film projects in the festival and won the 70th Anniversary Award, Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst, as well as the handsome and charming Colin Farrell provided fantastically strong performances. Each actress skillfully used their beauty, charms and other sharp female tactics to wow Farrell’s vulnerable character—whom none would leave alone—into obeying their wishes.

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