01 Apr, 2017

At the 21st Berlin & Beyond Film Festival, which took place February 3-8, 2017 in San Francisco, CA, we had the great opportunity to speak with German director Jan Tenhaven about his new film SILICON VALLEY REVOLUTION. The historically and culturally-focused documentary tells the forgotten story of Silicon Valley’s most influential computer pioneers who were on the forefront of the technology revolution. During the era of the 1960s, computers were oversized mainframe computers owned by large corporations and the government—seen as Big Brother. The Hippie movement and anti-Vietnam war protests in that era, which these visionaries were participants of, influenced the revolutionary idea of creating small computers for ordinary people. Possessing an anti-establishment spirit, these pioneers were responsible for inventing technologies, which are commonplace today. In SILICON VALLEY REVOLUTION, Tenhaven effectively weaves interesting, as well as entertaining stories and interviews with those involved in the early tech revolution. These individuals are the lesser-known founders of Silicon Valley’s famed tech companies, which are no longer considered outside the establishment, but accepted as mainstream companies in the tech and business world today.

In our exclusive interview with the German filmmaker, Tenhaven explains why he chose to develop a film about Silicon Valley and the American computer scientists, who were the founding members of the early tech revolution. He also tells the backstory regarding the making of the documentary, what he hopes to convey through the film and more. SILICON VALLEY REVOLUTION will be featured at the 4th Berlin & Beyond Honolulu in Honolulu, HI from April 8-9, 2017. Get tickets!

Watch our interview with SILICON VALLEY REVOLUTION director Jan Tenhaven:

Publication: Dig In Magazine
Interviewer/Videographer: Cindy Maram
Film Editor: Cindy Maram
Photo: Cindy Maram

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