NYFW S/S16 Highlights: Hottest Runway & Style Trends

27 Sep, 2015

* NYFW Coverage: Article, Videos & Photos by Cindy Maram *

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016, which took place from September 10th – 17th, 2015 was an amazing, exciting and fulfilling experience. Anyone that has a passion for fashion, couture and the fashion industry as a whole would be thrilled to take part in this eight day extravaganza. I attended and shot four shows consisting of designers Pamella Roland, Julianna Bass, Jay Godfrey and LIE SANGBONG. All four designers left a lasting impression upon me—but each in different ways.

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NYFW 2015: S/S16 Pamella Roland

I was cordially invited to Pamella Roland’s show on Friday, September 11th at the Whitney Museum of American Art, a significant New York landmark. Roland’s designs are largely influenced by Frank Stella’s visually striking Post-painterly abstract paintings of the 1950s with its unique use of line and color. Her S/S16 collection is not only inspired by his artwork, but also the cultural context in which they were created–seen through use of unorthodox materials such as plexiglass, PVC Nebula lace, reflective taffeta and LED fibers–all a nod to the wave of futurism of Stella’s early works. Much of Roland’s line is focused on women’s classic, formal dresses—bridal and otherwise–all which beautifully adorn the female wearing her garments. The presentation of the show was stunning as each model walked up the catwalk and circled around through a walkway amongst the seated guests—allowing one to see all angles of the dresses—front to back. A-list celebrities have been known to wear her collection and all can see why. Whether you are going to a movie premiere or star-studded party, these dresses will guarantee you receive endless oohs and ahhs.


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NYFW 2015: S/S16 Julianna Bass

The next show I attended was that of designer Julianna Bass, who showcased her “Search Don’t Rescue” collection exploring dynamics of struggle, identity and surrender through the juxtaposition of harsh lines, gossamer textiles and artistic collaborations. I noticed throughout the week that many designers are largely influenced by international artists–in this case, Bass’ line pulls from the works of Berlin-based artists Marco Meiran and Natasha Pike, exploring notions of out-of-context femininity and the distortions of memory via the translation of them into strong digital prints–like pant suits and fitted skirts filled with blue, gray, off-white and black patterns–and divergent silhouettes and textures.  I was impressed with her collection filled with a diverse soft palette of nudes, gold, dark shades contrasting with clean white garments. Long, flowing dresses fell to the floor—some with spaghetti straps and others with bohemian-type light feathery sleeves. Following the show, each guest received a complimentary gift bag of Matrix haircare products.


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NYFW 2015: S/S16 Jay Godfrey

I would say a highlight of the NYFW shows I attended was the unique display and collection by contemporary designer Jay Godfrey filled with white crepe cocktail dresses, strapless jumpsuits, silk dresses and lambskin leather asymmetrical skirts. What an innovative way to show off his S/S16 collection! The room in Pier 59 was swarming with photographers and press. A series of models, who wore all white from top to bottom, looked sleek with hair and makeup flawless, sexy and stylish. Each girl stood on display in one spot for a moment, as photographers would get their shots, then would shift around to be sure each garment received adequate time in the sun. Not only were the girls dressed in all white, but the floor and walls were also of the same blanc color. The studio lighting from up above enhanced the skin tone of each of the models bringing out their soft and vibrant glow. Godfrey’s presentation was innovative, interesting and modern.

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Next up was LIE SANGBONG, a designer from Seoul, Korea, which kicked off NYFW. His line is influenced by many factors—music, art, poetry, etc., his collection all reflecting the aforementioned elements. The show displaying his evening wear and seasonal collection began with video clips of previous runway shows projected on the walls paired with upbeat, contemporary music. The crowd,  juiced up to see his new Spring/Summer 2016 line, was not disappointed as the display gleamed with masculine-like pant suits with feminine heels to black above-the-knee boots, and colorful garments that shined. LIE SANGBONG’s collection did not disappoint and each guest left with a complimentary gift bag filled with top-of-the-line beauty products.


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Being in Manhattan during Fashion Week you cannot help but to notice what others are wearing this season on the streets and at the shows themselves. Casual, clean, white tennis shoes combined with large bottomed jeans were spotted along with many low-cut black boots and sandals to coincide with New York’s current warm Indian Summer. Men were spotted wearing slick, luggage-colored leather bags on the shoulder, coinciding with thin, laced-up dress shoes, as well as dark-toned formal hats with masculine bows matching tweed suit jackets.

The NYFW shows of this Spring/Summer 2016 season were dominated by dashing, flowing formal dresses—long and short alike, as well as masculine pant suits with patterned jackets and pencil skirts. The music played as the youthful looking girls walked the runway and modeled, adding to the intensity and excitement of the atmosphere. What an amazing display of creative, fashionable and sophisticated expression of current and forward-thinking trends in fashion through presentation and design. Congratulations to all the designers that participated in this season’s New York Fashion Week!

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