Web Series: Livin’ The Dream by The Spurlock Sisters

16 Jul, 2015

Livin’ The Dream is a new web series co-created by the Spurlock sisters, Kim and Mai Spurlock. The series takes a “humorous and satiric look at a woman on the cusp of career success and middle age, navigating the fiercely competitive indie film world.” – Mai Spurlock Sykes

It is loosely based on the true-to-life experiences of Kim’s struggles to make it in the world of entertainment and was inspired by the duo’s own experiences and the lives of those around them. Kim Spurlock recieved her MFA from NYU’s graduate film program. After making several short films, Kim won several prestigious awards including a Student Academy award for her thesis film, Down in No. 5. She currently has several feature films in development, including A Case of the Dismals, a noirish mystery that was one of 12 projects selected worldwide for the Venice Biennale Cinema College. Mai studied Business and Fine Arts at Washington & Lee University, and received a Master’s Degree in Greek & Roman History from the University of St. Andrews.

The two sisters teamed up on this project and began conceptualizing the web series in 2012. As Mai explains in a blog article: “The lead character, Kit Scanlon, is not Kim. But there are elements of her in there, and of me. We turned the series into a potty mouthed, pop culture obsessed examination of Kim/Kit’s attempt to reach the next stage in her career.”

The series follows eccentric Kit Scanlon (Laura Campbell) who quit her job and cashed out her 401k to follow her cinematic dreams. After a successful film school run, Kit now faces middle age, the fear that she peaked while in film school, and the possibility that she might not become the indie director she always wanted to be.

Consisting of eight, 5 minutes episodes, the series also focuses on a female driven narrative which the sisters feel is a vital element in their work and is oftentimes overlooked in entertainment. “Change comes only with time and effort. I hope women can empower one another by featuring one another’s stories, to set up a different paradigm for the next generation,” says Kim. Half the world is female. Next time you are in the crowd look at the person beside you. There is a 50% chance she is female and a 100% certainty that she has a story to tell. We just need to listen,” adds Mai.

Watch Livin’ The Dream.

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