Alexandria von Bromssen Talks ‘Project Runway’

14 Mar, 2014

Dig In Magazine’s Cindy Maram caught up with Alexandria von Bromssen from ‘Project Runway’ Season 12  to talk fashion, TV, Camp Couture and her plans for the future of her brand. Following her holiday party at the shop that she owns, Red Square Boutique in San Mateo, CA, I had the unique opportunity to find out more about how her fashion career began, who her fashion icons and biggest influences are,  why she decided to try out for ‘Project Runway,’ as well as her experience being on the show.

Alexandria von Bromssen with Tim Gunn on 'Project Runway'

Alexandria von Bromssen with Tim Gunn on ‘Project Runway’

Dig In Magazine: You were first runner-up on Season 12 of ‘Project Runway.’ What was it like being on the show?

Alexandria von Bromssen: It was a unique experience. I wasn’t an avid viewer of the show, I just knew I could make anything and get to the end. The hours were really long, and it’s not until you experience a long duration of no sleep–does that really make sense. You need beauty sleep to create beauty. The pressure and the diamond theory is another perspective that television likes to portray. Being starved of the basics like rest, made the situation extremely intense.

Alexandria von Bromssen with Tim Gunn on 'Project Runway'

Alexandria von Bromssen with Tim Gunn on ‘Project Runway’

DIM: How did you get involved with the show?

AVB: I’ve always been told to apply, so I did. The kids I teach at Camp Couture have asked me, some even begged… So for them I suppose I played. I’ve always been an advocate for little kids and willingly sacrificed myself for them. However, after this experience, this will be the last time I’ll be taking advice from 10 year olds.

DIM: Had you been on TV in the past? If so, what have you been on?

AVB: I have been on TV several times in the past. Red Carpet Events for a show called ‘LoveSick’ that I produce. And some small interviews here and there. On youtube you can find an array of videos I have helped produce for my fashion shows. They are all related to ‘LoveSick’–an anti-Valentines day show fashion show that has had a cult like following for years.

Alexandria von Bromssen on 'Project Runway'

Alexandria von Bromssen on ‘Project Runway’

DIM: How was your experience being a contestant on the show and a reality show, in general?

AVB: I don’t watch TV at all, and officially tuned it out 5 years ago…So I was in for a real shock. It was intense. And unless you were there–you can’t relate.

Alexandria von Bromssen | Runway

Alexandria von Bromssen | Runway

DIM: Are you planning on doing anymore TV to follow-up to your successful stint on ‘Project Runway’? What new opportunities have come your way since doing the show?

AVB: I have been on TV a few times since the show to promote the Camp, and a couple more dates in the near future are scheduled. Everyone has been really curious about the Camp Couture. I have had a lot of offers in several different areas and its been interesting to see the doors open. As for more TV, I have been told ‘My Cat from Hell’ might be my next stint. As for more fashion TV, I guess we will see what happens.

Alexandria von Bromssen | Runway

Alexandria von Bromssen | Runway

DIM: I heard you recently went to a red carpet in LA, what was that for?

AVB: It was for Tim Gunn’s new show ‘Under The Gunn.’ It was for the finale of his show. The concept seems pretty. It airs this month [January 2014]. I’ll tune in for sure.

Alexandria von Bromssen on 'Project Runway'

Alexandria von Bromssen on ‘Project Runway’

DIM: You showed your line at New York Fashion Week as part of the show, will you be returning to NYFW in 2014?

AVB: I would very much like to return to the tents again. I am developing a concept now and see how far I can take it. Right now I am in talks in regards to growing Camp Couture on a national level, so I’m moving forward on many levels.

DIM: When and how did you get into fashion? How did you learn about fashion?

AVB: I modeled as a teenager and it seems that my role has morphed to the other side of the industry. I like to create–always have. I understand clothes and how they should fit. Style too. My mom was very much into fashion and had great taste, so I can say [that] my molding began early–if not on a genetic level.

Alexandria von Bromssen on 'Project Runway'

Alexandria von Bromssen on ‘Project Runway’

DIM: How did you learn to sew and design?

AVB: I learned a little in school and then learned on my own a little. Then school took me to a new level. I continue to learn all the time.

DIM: What was the very first piece of clothing that you designed and where was your first fashion show?

AVB: I made a pair of cool pants. I wore them every day for 1 week straight, because I was proud of my creation. I can relate to how the kids feel when they make something. They don’t want to take their garment off either. Parents tell me all the time that their little kid sleep in the stuff they made because they love it so much. They’re empowered. It’s cool.

The first fashion show I ever had was at 111 Minna. It was cool. [Video below:]

Alexandria von Bromssen | Runway

Alexandria von Bromssen | Runway


DIM: What is the inspiration behind the style of clothes that you design?

AVB: The inspiration always changes…sometimes they’re quite personal–sometimes abstract. I try to convey feeling in what I design. The feeling changes of course, but I do my best to add depth to what I design.

DIM: Who are your fashion icons/which designers do you look up to that have influenced you?

AVB: Comme des Garçon, V. Westwood, McQueen.

DIM: I understand that you own a boutique in San Mateo, CA, Red Square Boutique, how long have you run the store and what do you feature in the shop?

AVB: The shop will be 3 this June. I feature my designs, as well as a large handful of local designers and international designers. It’s a well curated boutique. sThere are loads of special pieces.

DIM: You also run a kids fashion camp, Camp Couture, what would you say is your goal for the camp? Are you looking to expand CC?

AVB: The goal of Camp Couture is to teach creativity to all those that want to attend CC. Kids and adults (separate classes of course) are taught to sew and then create their own designs. I am looking to expand, yes. I am in the works at the moment. I’m excited what is in store for the future face of the camp.

Alexandria von Bromssen on 'Project Runway'

Alexandria von Bromssen on ‘Project Runway’

DIM: What are your ultimate goals in regards to your fashion line and various businesses that you run?

AVB: I want an Empire.

DIM: Where can people find you and buy your clothes?


DIM: What’s next for Alexandria von Bromssen?

AVB: I am working on my first men’s line. It’s the last unchartered frontier for me and so far the response has been really positive. I am also working on a music video.

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