Interview w/ New York Fashion/Model Designer Esther Nash

16 Jul, 2012

The Townhouse Art Gallery

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New York Based Fashion Model/Designer/Expert/Socialite, Esther Nash

Esther Nash, an accomplished fashion model, designer, expert, socialite, and business owner who has been featured in over 350 magazines from Lucky and Teen-People to New York Magazine and the New York Times has her own fashion line and recently opened her own art gallery, The Townhouse Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. As Curator and Director of the gallery, she attributes the opening of the new gallery space to her mother, Dorothy Nash, an art teacher and accomplished artist herself. Esther Nash studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology, High School of Art and Design and was awarded scholarships from Cooper Union, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the National Art Students League. Esther has been featured in television shows such as Sex In The City, Playboy TV, Single in the Hamptons II, Blind Date, Fashion Court, Fashion Police, MTV, and Style Warriors, to just name a few.

Dig In Magazine: Hi Esther! How’re things in New York? I understand that you are a 3rd generation New Yorker, what do you like most about NYC?

Esther Nash: All is well and on its way to better in New York. What I like most about New York City are its cultural activities and diversity. No other city I have visited is quite the same. I can attend theater, dance, music concerts, art exhibits, park festivities and a charity gala event all in the same week.

DIM: I hear that you’ve recently signed with a top 10 modeling agency as a celebrity artist. What will you be doing for the agency?

EN: They are one of my agents and I know they have big plans for me!

DIM: Where did you study fashion? What is your educational background?

EN: I studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology, High School of Art and Design and was awarded scholarships from Cooper Union, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the National Art Students League.

DIM: When did you know that you wanted to be in the fashion industry?

EN: My mother is extremely stylish and always had a flair. As early as I can remember she turned heads and made traffic stop and I knew I wanted to be just like her. Unfortunately, I only have half her talent. She would arrive in my class 3 hours late to take me to lunch and undeterred would say, “ready?” and off I went. She would wear a princess cut sheepskin coat and hat, boots to the knee with a flowing wool tweed skirt and a belt to enhance her 23 inch waist, with a cowel sweater and red lipstick, with lots of ethnic jewelry and a handmade leather purse.

Esther Nash

DIM: What was your first modeling job?

EN: Sesame Street

DIM: How old were you?

EN: Around age 10

DIM: What was it like growing up and making your way in the fashion industry?

EN: It has been a rollercoaster of fun and surprises and vigorous work.

DIM: How did you go from being a model to opening your own business, as well as designing your own clothing line?

EN: I keep busy.

DIM: What television shows have your fashion designs been seen on? And what movies, television shows and commercials have you been featured in?

EN: Sex in The City, Playboy TV, Single in the HamptonsII, Blind Date, Fashion Court, Fashion Police, MTV, Style Warriors, Channel 11 and Channel 2 to name a few.

DIM: How did you get into fashion and how did you start your clothing line?

EN: Since I could hold a pencil I was drawing, creating and dreaming about my line.

DIM: How would you describe your line of fashion designs?

EN: I design a rock star line for musicians and fashionistas.

DIM: Has your line been showcased on the runway?

EN: Yes, many times.

DIM: Where do you draw inspiration for your fashion designs?

EN: From everywhere. I come from a talented family. My sister is both a model and published photographer. My Mother has a masters in fine art and is a seasoned artist.

DIM: What is your process of designing clothing from the idea to the runway?

EN: Fashion illustrate, mood page source the fabric, drape, pattern make, create the flats and specs and done.

Esther Nash

DIM: What is your role as a fashion expert?

EN: I Provide fashion advice, commentary and forecasting.

DIM: What fashion designers do you admire?

EN: Betsey Johnson, the Late Alexander McQueen

DIM: Where do you see the future of fashion?

EN: In International waters.

DIM: Is there any advice that you can give to young women that want to break into the fashion industry?

EN: First become a doctor or a lawyer…then you will be prepared for the rigorous demands of the fashion industry.

DIM: What is in the future for you in terms of the fashion industry?

EN: I am not a fortune teller with a crystal ball, but I have a positive feeling.

DIM: How many magazines have you been featured in?

EN: I have been featured in over 350 publications both national and international: Lucky, Teen-People, New York Magazine, NY Times, Kiki (Korea), Helm (Ethiopia), Soup (Japan) Para Todos (South America), Viply (Germany) ,Runway magazine, The Daily, Ocean Drive, Hamptons and Salon city to name a few.

DIM: What is your artistic background and what made you decide to open your own gallery?

EN: My artistic background covers fine art, drawing, painting, life drawing, sculpture, cartooning, web design, photography, interior design, display and exhibit, fashion design, pattern making, textile design, tailoring, sportswear, draping, carpentry and advertising. Wanted to make this dream a reality for a long time and I decided now or never. Always wanted to have my Mothers’ art showcased at my gallery. The gallery is a gift to her as well. Opening an art gallery has been a dream of mine since I was a small child.

DIM: Describe your love of art:

EN: My love of art is constant, it appears in all my life choices and is the profession to which I have dedicated my life. Fashion is Art and Art is fashion. Can’t have one without the other.

DIM: What are your dreams and goals for the future?

EN: To make the gallery a success and to have multiple sites that will impact the art world in a helpful and significant way. Natural beauty. Natural talent.

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