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16 Jul, 2012

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The Kreeya Team: Saroj, Caroline, Rachel

Kreeya is a local San Francisco fashion company/website that features cutting edge designers, mainly in and around San Francisco. They specialize in unique, limited edition designs that are locally made, eco-friendly, and sweatshop free. Kreeya is run by three women, Saroj, Caroline, and Rachel, who possess a passion for fashion and an entrepreneurial spirit. With a strong desire to support independent designers, Kreeya desires to get the fashions of their talented designers out there, and in turn, fulfill the dreams of their designers. Dig In Magazine recently talked to Saroj to discover the story behind her hip and stylish fashion company, Kreeya.


Dig In Magazine: Who is Kreeya?

Kreeya: Kreeya is run by a small team of 3 women: Saroj, Caroline, and Rachel.

DIM: What are each of your backgrounds in fashion?

K: None of us have a background in fashion and that’s why we think we can bring a fresh perspective to the table like it has been done by newcomers in many other industries. Saroj has an engineering and entrepreneurial background. Caroline has a graphics and design background and Rachel has a literature, graphics and design background.

DIM: What does Kreeya mean?

K: Kreeya is Sanskrit for “positive action”, a phrase which is the essence of our team and everything we do.

DIM: How did you come up with the idea to create a website like Kreeya?

K: When I moved to San Francisco, I wanted to shop for clothes by independent designers in the city. But there was no easy way to do this. That was the beginning of Kreeya. We had a test launch before the Holidays with a handful of designers. After receiving really positive response from our early customers, we launched a more appealing website with 14 local independent designers few months ago.

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SAAKO Design

DIM: How long have you been in business?

K: We launched at the beginning of April this year.

DIM: Where is Kreeya based?

K: Our favorite city of San Francisco.

DIM: What do you sell on Kreeya and what type of fashions do you feature?

K: Through, we want to connect independent designers with people who want to make a statement with the clothes they wear.

DIM: How and where do you meet your designers?

K: World is a small place these days with Facebook, Twitter, Google.

DIM: What kind of designers do you feature and where are they generally based?

K: We are mostly focused on designers in and around San Francisco and hope to include designers from other cities in the future.

DIM: How do you choose the designers for your website and what is it about their designs and philosophies that capture your eye?

K: We like independent designers who dare to dream and start on their own. We like to promote driven and motivated designers so that they can make this world even more unique.

Culture Consumer

Dominique Ansari

DIM: You seem to have a strong emphasis on local San Francisco fashion, what are your reasons for desiring to wear and sell local products, and San Francisco-inspired designs?

K: Through, we want to promote unique culture and fashion that San Francisco is known for.

DIM: What is your stance on locally made, eco-friendly, sweatshop free clothing/products?

K: Of course, we like them all. In upcoming weeks, we are going to highlight such designs even more on Kreeya.

DIM: Where do you as owners of a cutting-edge fashion site like Kreeya find daily inspiration?

K: Our inspiration has always been stories of designers who make such beautiful and unique designs.

DIM: How long have you been in the fashion industry and what is it about fashion that drives you?

K: For me, it’s always about people who are behind the scenes, their stories and inspirations.

DIM: Where do you see fashion trends going in the future?

K: People will care more about stories of their clothes including how they are made and who makes them. We already see that happening and we think it will be even more as the Internet connects people in all sort of ways.

DIM: What is the favorite thing in your closet?

K: Scarves.

DIM: What is in the future for Kreeya?

K: Adding more and more value to designers we work with. We love them all.

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